Electric Frog Illustrations

Freelance Artist available for commission

Freelance illustrator and artist, available for comission.

Hello and welcome to Electric Frog Illustrations and Artwork.                                    

I've been an artist all my life, and recently people have been suggesting that i try to turn it into a career. I'm just starting out so who knows which direction this will take (if any!), but i'd like to specialise in illustration for the horror and fantasy genres.

Last year (2011) I was published for the first time in zombie autor Matt Nord's book"Collaboration of the Dead presents: Putrid Poetry and Sickening Sketches", with 2 illustrations and 2 poems making the final print.

I am available for commissions, all kinds considered. I can work in many mediums, and am open to all discussion. You'll get an honest answer at all times, and i would never be afraid to say if a project was beyond my abilities.

Check out my gallery for previous work and sketches, and contact me with your enquiries.

All the images in the gallery are available to purchase as prints, and can be signed with a personal message if required. The original's (where available) are open to negotiation. I'll also do one off drawings for your personal use for not much more! Use the "contact" page to enquire or if you wish to purchase.

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