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My thoughts on the London riots

Posted by Electric Frog on August 9, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Ok, not really relevant here, but it's the hot topic of the moment and I have some thoughts i feel like sharing.

These people are not protesting about anything, that is pretty clear. In fact, the people involved that i've heard being interviewed don't have the intelligence to understand anything that's worth protesting against.

Two charming young ladies from Croydon (interviewed whilst consuming a stolen bottle of wine for breakfast) stated "Chuckin bottles n stuff... it's fun. 'Course it is. We're showing the police and the rich people we can do what we want, innit?"

I'm actually all in favour of protests, if they're aimed at appropriate targets. If these people were attacking government buildings and banks, i'd probably just shrug and say "Oh well, karma." but these idiots are attacking people of there own class, burning family run businesses.

Fucking idiots, the lot of them. And it's such a waste of effort, because in the end it will achieve absolutely nothing but a load of derelict areas that are good for nothing and will never be rebuilt.

If these muppets had the brains to organise, they could probably achieve something worthwhile. What a waste.

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